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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bungie lays down the law on Cheaters.

Bungie resets the rank and credits of those who have been exploiting challanges.

Well, its happened. It is a glorious day for all us who don't abuse the system - with all those who have been manipulating their xboxs into letting them compete the lucrative daily challenges as many times as they want per-day, getting them hundreds of thousands of credits in a very short span of time.

Bungie has since taken the shiny new e-peen that these children have glitched themselves to and handed them back their starting Armour, rank and credits, as well as the slight scold of a 1 day XBL ban. More 'legitimate' forms of boosting, such as playing Gruntpocalypse is still fine (however, that playlists xp is being reduced with the October Update.)

Here's a link to the law being laid down

The best part of all this? The delicious

By the way, Bungies' responce? basicly just 'u mad'

The most vicious, violent, hilarious 12 year olds had already been banned and their posts gone, shame.

But its a good day to not be a cheater :D

- Entropy