Your favourite form of escapism?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

First post, new start.

Howdy Blogosphere, and welcome one and all to The Escapism Quadrant!  Little thing I decided to set up to give my thoughts on some of the areas of escapism we have in our society (eg Music, Movies, Games, ect.)

This is my first blog, so if I'm breaking some blogging norm or cardinal rule, just point it out to me and I'l hopefully fix the situation.

Having seen only a handful of movies this year (Inception and Get him to the Greek are the only few that jump to mind so far, sure that more will come back (been a big year)  and really torn to pick a favourite so far.  How many movies have you seen?  Which was your favourite?

(I'l be keeping most of these blogs fairly short and sweet, but hopefully have a lot of them)

Thats about it from me,

- Entropy.


  1. man, good luck witch your blog, hope you'll make it big

  2. Good luck and looking forward to more posts.