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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Halo: Reach, primarily a forge rant.

So, picked up Reach on release day and been loving it ever since.  Forge was always a huge attraction to me for Halo 3 and I spent upwards of 500 hours easily making huge maps for my frequent LAN parties.  You can just imagine how happy I was when they released this video:

Yeah, that definatly won me over.  Unfortunatly, Its not all sunshine and roses. From a strictly creative POV, Forge 2.0 is infinatly better than its predecessor.   A huge budget, the ability to Phase and Fix objects with ease, edit co-ordinates - its all there.  What the promlem is that it is lacking are a few nuanced controll things that made Forge 1.0 workable with a lot of endeavour and time.  Things like the ability to push or pull objects away from you with the left stick while holding the right trigger.  Now, it just controls your zoom.

(I might be totally wrong on that omission from Forge 2.0, if they mapped the push/pull to a different button, please someone for the love of God tell me!)

But, slight OCD issues I have asside, the first week of Forge has been very exciting.  Its actually almost an issue of too much choice - I'm just closing up and shutting down with too much stimulation.  Once I have a brainwave of an idea I should be fine though - thats what most others seem to be doing!  There have been some truely amazing maps been released so far, with almost pixel perfect remakes of clasic H1 and H2 maps alongside innovative new peices rearing their heads out of the ground and into the light of day.  The next few years will be very interesting too see what the forging community will discover in terms of new tricks and shortcuts, new problems and new solutions.  I'l definatly be on the lookout on forgehub (basicly the heart of quality forging in the halo 'verse.)

What do you think of the newest (and last to be created by Bungie) Halo game?  Much of a forgeaholic? Hate the thing?  Let me know in a comment down below.

- Entropy.


  1. This game is so SICK. I want it NOW!

    Following this one!

  2. looks like a pretty well designed map tbh

  3. Nice read :) also nice vid

  4. following and showing daily love...

    check out my blog - still new at this

  5. I haven't tried out Forge yet. Got the game and flew through the campaign (need to go back and beat it on legendary) and have been doing multiplayer ever since.