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Friday, September 24, 2010

Movies of 2010

Well, after my first post mentioning the only movies I remembered off the top of my head from this year, I figured I should compile a nice little list of all those I have really seen this year and where I place them, along with a few thoughts (although I expect this to turn out to be quite long.)  All thanks to Wikipedia for keeping better track of movie releases than I am (

Disagree with my opinions? Let me know + why in the comments!

In release order, the movies I have seen this year are

Daybreakers - Started off well, but steadily got worse and worse as it went on.  A shame, as it really captivated me at the start with the idea of Vampires setting the status quo and running society.  A lot could have been done if they'd just ended it beter!

Shutter Island - I thought I had seen the twist coming about 10 minutes before it was revealed, and then the twist turned out to be a complete lie - some of those scenes really did my head in.  Loved it dearly.

Kick ass -  Had me planning the week after where/how to build my costume.  Nick Cage played an amazing big daddy, and especially for an actor I havn't liked in ANYTHING else he's done, really captivated me.  He + Hit Girl really stole the show from kick-ass, who became more of a supporting charechter by the end, but that was definatly for the better, considering how it played out with Hit Girl stepping up to lead position.

Iron Man 2 - A definite meh compared to the previous outing of the Red and Gold suit, not helped by actor changes (read: replacing Terrence Howard with Don Cheadle as Rhodey) and a terrible villain.  The tech is amazing, and is really the main attraction of the movie (you know it, the holgraphic keyboard gadgets and hacking that Stark uses just to tease the audience are the best bit of it).  That said, the court scene is briliant, and RD. Junior never ceases to impress.

Get him to the Greek - Nearly died laughing.  Being with one of the idealised 'perfect' audiences was a huge help as well - laughed at everything that needed to be, shut up when they didn't.  Cant say much else than if you love inteligent humor and a briliant look at the music industry, see this movie or die trying to.

Toy story 3 - Weather you grew up with it or your kids did, Toy story (and most disney/pixar movies) have a cult following that surmounts most cults.  There were more teenagers, adults and grandparents sans children in the theatre than there was children.  Pixar never fails to deliver briliant pacing, storytelling ability and humour. 

Inception - Well dip me in Hummus and throw me to the lebanese, this movie was AMAZING.  Saw it total of three times, one of those on Imax.  If you have been living under a rock, go see this for some great mind-fucks and amazing cinematography, coupled with class A acting (I sound like a damn PR commerical...)  I just love Leo in basicly everything he does, this is no exception.

Well I'm done typing for now, thats just the movies relased this year I've seen. caught up with a whole lot more oldies (Pulp Fiction and Serenity spring to mind) that I might cover in a later blog depending on the responce to this one :)

So, what movies have you seen this year?  What'd you think about them?
All the talks big corporations have about piracy aside, they still seem to be able to put out at least a few movies of exceptional quality.


  1. Those are some kick ass movies. Shutter Island and Inception were soo good!

  2. All great movies apart from Iron man 2. It could of been so much better!